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09/04/ · The coin includes the famous ‚Your Country Needs You‘ slogan which featured on campaign posters. It also displays an inscription on the edge that reads ‚The lamps are going out all over Europe‘. Is it valuable? The Royal Mint issued over 5 million Lord Kitchener £2 coins which means it won’t be the psk-castrop.deted Reading Time: 3 mins. Since its release into general circulation a few weeks ago, the new First World War £2 has really caused a stir amongst coin collectors. And it is easy to see why. The famous ‘Your Country Needs You’ poster featuring Lord Kitchener was originally used during the First World War campaign for enlistment. The first coin in the series is this £2 coin bearing sculptor John Bergdahl’s depiction of Lord Kitchener’s famous call to arms alongside the words YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU. The British Secretary of War became synonymous with the enlistment campaign when war was declared on 4th August Edge Inscription: THE LAMPS ARE GOING OUT ALL OVER EUROPE. The First World War £2 coin, designed by John Bergdahl, features Kitchener pointing, and the tagline – Your Country Needs You – on the reverse. Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of the queen is used on the obverse (4th portrait).

If you’ve a pocket full of change, you might want to empty it out, as you could be in for some very good news. The stories behind them are fascinating too – have a read below. Money gallery. By Emma Munbodh Deputy Money Editor. Commonwealth Games Wales: In total, 2. Image: ChangeChecker 2 of Commonwealth Games England: In total, 2. Image: ChangeChecker 3 of Commonwealth Games Scotland:. At first glance, you might struggle to spot the difference between the four Commonwealth coins.

They all feature the same running athlete trailing a banner behind.

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Sadly, in this instance Google is not your friend and whilst genuine errors are out there, so too are a number of common mis-strikes and myths , or even fakes that have been manipulated to look like an error. Put simply, a true error is caused by human mistake, such as the wrong die or metal being used to strike a coin, whereas a mis-strike is created by the mass production process, as hundreds of thousands of coins are struck, meaning variations are bound to occur , especially when dies and machinery become worn.

The inner core is taken from a different metal, sized to fit inside the outer ring. A groove is milled around the edge of the inner core so that when both parts are struck together, the metals will fuse as the outer ring deforms and spread into the groove, locking it into place. Figure 1 shows how the inner core was punched out from the end of the sheet of metal used for blanks, forming a straight or ragged edge clip.

Whilst this also occurs with monometallic coins, the pairing with an outer ring exposes a large gap which is much more noticeable. But before you pay over the odds for one of these coins, beware of fakers! Some coins are manipulated to look like mis-strikes or error coins and sold to unsuspecting buyers. Due to the way the inner and outer core are struck together with the two metals being lined up and then fused together during striking, a misalignment will mean that the inner core spills into the outer ring, as seen in the image above.

There might also be a gap between the two metals on the opposing join. Figure 3 shows a faulty planchet or outer ring, where the inner core is exposed. In the image above, you can actually see the specific engineering design features where the inner core is grooved to help the metal flow bond to the outer ring and fuse during striking.

This rare striking error is highly sought after and coins have achieved extraordinary prices in private sales and auctions.

your country needs you 2 coin

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In fact plenty of collectors are still doing just that in the hope of finding one. However, when the new Royal Shield 20p coins were struck for circulation, the old die was accidentally used. The Royal Mint confirmed that a batch of no more than , were issued with no date on either side of the coin. The Royal Mint acknowledged the error, which resulted in approximately 17, Britannia coins being struck with the non-denticled Year of the Horse obverse and 38, Year of the Horse coins with the denticled Britannia version as their obverse.

Errors like this are extremely rare , but The Royal Mint verified the authenticity of the coin. The key difference is that only the textured version was struck for circulation , and if you find one of the smoother types in your change, you have actually found a coin which has been taken out of a presentation pack.

This makes it considerably rarer than the circulating version, so it is worth keeping rather than spending! Sadly for collectors this is apparently not a striking error. The explanation from The Royal Mint is that the down-stroke of the R coincides with the milling around the edge, and as the coin has worn over time, the letter has become less defined. The Brilliant Uncirculated 50p was issued early in and was quickly dubbed an error coin.

your country needs you 2 coin

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The 5 coin First World War set started in and will be complete in to coincide with the start and end of the Great War. The series pays tribute to all those who fought to defend our nation. The first coin in the set released in on the th anniversary of the start of the war. It is based on the war recruitment poster Your Country Needs You which famously featured Lord Kitchener with a pointing finger. Kitchener himself was killed when the ship he was on struck a German mine in The second coin in the set released in marks the role of the Royal Navy in the First World War.

Info on flag no flag. The third coin in the set released in marks the role of the Army in the Great War, the war on the land. WHY: The spark that started World War I was the assassination of Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on June 28, WHO: Austria-Hungary backed by Germany officially declared war on Serbia on July 28, , an entire month after the assassination.

Russia sided with its ally Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia and France. German soldiers marched on France, through Belgium. Britain had guaranteed to defend Belgium, so declared war on Germany.

Wieviel ist apple wert

It can be exciting to think that your everyday change could be worth a small fortune. Even though finding a valuable coin will probably not make you a millionaire overnight, it could help to give your finances a boost. There are a number of coins rumoured to be valuable. Sellers have listed the coin on auctioning sites for hundreds of pounds, but what is it really worth? We take a look.

The coin marks years since the start of the First World War. Describing the design, the Royal Mint say that Lord Kitchener features on the coin as his image helped to recruit one of the largest volunteer armies in Britain. The coin includes the famous ‚Your Country Needs You‘ slogan which featured on campaign posters. It also displays an inscription on the edge that reads ‚The lamps are going out all over Europe‘.

As a result, it’s likely that you’ll only sell one of these coins for more than its value if it has some sort of minting error. A minting error could be anything that doesn’t keep to the original design of the coin. For example, it might feature an incorrect date, a mistake on the design or be the wrong shape.

Whatever it is, it might be worth checking that it’s not just a counterfeit coin before you try to sell it.

your country needs you 2 coin

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IF you’re feeling the pinch after all that Christmas shopping, it might be worth having a rifle through your wallet. The good news is it’s found on the coin which was released in to mark the th anniversary of the Abolition Of The Slave Trade. Why’s that good? Because it’s graded as ’scarcity 1′, which means it’s not that collectable because it’s readily available.

In fact, there were 8,, of these minted The problem comes with the wording on the edge of the coin, which reads: „Am I Not A Man And Brother. As normal, when the queen’s head is facing upwards the writing should run along the side so you can read it. It might not sound like a big deal, but these rare coins are exchanging hands for big bucks online. One buyer has three versions of the coin on offer, all with slightly different mistakes.

It’s worth noting that one of them has the initials ‚DG‘ inscribed, standing for David Gentleman who designed it. That makes it rare as it means it is from a presentation pack – another way to tell is that these are smooth, whereas the ones in circulation were textured. How much the coins will actually go for is anyone’s guess, and there are cheaper versions up for sale on eBay.

Coins were given words along the edges to make them harder to forge, but the lettering is added before the coin is struck.

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WW1 LORD KITCHENER ‚Your Country Needs YOU‘ £2 COIN – FIRST WORLD WAR * – $ FOR SALE! LORD KITCHENER ‚Your Country Needs YOU‘ – . The first coin in the series is this £2 coin bearing sculptor John Bergdahl’s depiction of Lord Kitchener’s famous call to arms alongside the words YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU. [RARE COIN]. YOUR COUNTY NEEDS YOU.

The Royal Mint has celebrated moments of national and cultural significance for over 1, years. The Royal Mint has unveiled a selection of new coins to commemorate historic British anniversaries in – including the start of the First World War. New designs for five denominations of coins, including a 50 pence piece to mark the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year, will go into circulation. The other commemorates the outbreak of the Great War, mimicking the instantly recognisable call to arms by War Secretary Lord Kitchener and his pointing finger.

The decision is likely to raise eyebrows as the slogan is now associated by some with the devastation that followed — the deaths of millions of young men who had signed up for the Army as hopeful volunteers. The new coins unveiled by the Royal Mint [PA]. The choice of Lord Kitchener’s famous image may prove controversial with those who see the poppy as a more enduring and fitting image to commemorate the start of the deadly conflict, sparked on July 28, Kevin Clancy, director of the Royal Mint Museum, said the coin was the first in a series that would follow the progress of the war over the next five years.

Created by sculptor Mark Richards, it marks the th anniversary of the death of Queen Anne. The Royal Mint hopes its new coins will be as successful as its Olympic range [PA]. The obverse of each coin will continue to carry the a portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley. The Mint said it hoped the coins would emulate the success of last year’s 29 London Olympic Games 50p designs, which became their most collected coins, snapped up faster than any other since decimalisation.

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