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The Gold movie changes the name and location of the real company. Calgary-based Bre-X Minerals Ltd. becomes Washoe Mining Inc. based out of Reno, psk-castrop.deted Reading Time: 8 mins. Production of gold in the county from through was 46, ounces. Although small amounts of gold have been produced from most of the districts in the county, only the Olinghouse may be considered primarily a gold district; it alone has produced more than 10, ounces. Filter gold mines by commodity, disposition, development status, and record type in Washoe County, Nevada. Quick Facts Antimony, Arsenic, Barium-Barite, Bismuth, and Boron-Borates mines located in Washoe County, Nevada. Washoe County, NV Gold mines, mine companies, mine owners and mine information. US-Mining provides information on mines, operators, and minerals mined in Washoe County, NV.

Tools Contact Us. Washoe County, NV Gold Mines. Gold Mines in Washoe County, NV. Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals Facility United States Platinum Refinery U. Platinum Refining, Inc. Private Gold Adobe Springs Prospects BLM Administrative Area Gold Amalgam Chester Nichols BLM Administrative Area Gold Amy Claims Phelps Dodge Corp. And J Minerals Unknown Gold Bug Group BLM Administrative Area Gold Burris Gold Buster Mines Gold Buster Mines Unknown Gold Butcher Boy Mine Gold Carmen Placer Mine Harry R.

Mcnicholes BLM Administrative Area Gold Choates Mine North American Aviation Private Gold Cinch Mine Private Gold Commonwealth Private Gold Comstock Eureka BLM Administrative Area Gold Comstock Eureka Prospect Unknown Gold Comstock Extension Mines Unknown Gold Conlon Camp Area BLM Administrative Area Gold Conway-Nash Unknown Gold Copper King 1 Gold Copper King 1 Prospect E. Chapel And D. Stultz BLM Administrative Area Gold Copper King Prospect Gold Cottonwood Basin BLM Administrative Area Gold Crosby Mine Private Gold Crown Prince Private Gold Daniel Olsen Quartz Claim Gold Denver Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold Denver Mine Unknown Gold Desert King Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold Donatelli Mine Private Gold Ebony Group BLM Administrative Area Gold Ellen B Unknown Gold Emma Private Gold Emma Mine Unknown Gold Empire Mine Gold Fink and Mahoney Mine Unknown Gold Fleish Prospect Unknown Gold Franco-American Private Gold Franco-American Unknown Gold Fravel Mine Private Gold Fravel Mines Unknown Gold Freds Mountain Prospects Unknown Gold Galena Hill Mine Private Gold Galena Hill Mine Unknown Gold Gc Chester Nichols BLM Administrative Area Gold Gc BLM Administrative Area Gold Gc Group Chester Nichols BLM Administrative Area Gold Geo.

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One of the more interesting gold deposits in Nevada is found about 35 miles east of Reno in Washoe County. There are a few things about the Olinghouse district that make it unusual. First, it is the only significant mining district in Washoe County. And second, the mines here produce some very interesting crystalline gold. The Toiyabe Mountains of Central Nevada have been home to several mining towns over the years.

Most of these towns were gone almost as quickly as the arrived. Others lasted for a while. It all depended on the richness of the minerals. Berlin The largest of these mineral strikes was at the town […]. Nevada has a long history of mining and early settlement which makes it a perfect state for finding all kinds of relics. From the old gold and silver camps, abandoned ghost towns, hidden treasure to raw gold nuggets, there are plenty of things to search for in Nevada.

There are many great places to find […]. Mining was what made Nevada a state. There are numerous locations in northern Nevada where gold can be found close the surface, and is easily located with metal detectors.

washoe mining gold

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MarketWatch hasn’t seen the movie. The true story behind Calgary-based Bre-X Minerals Ltd. Jeb Handwerger, editor of goldstocktrades. Back in the mids, Bre-X claimed that its Busang property in Indonesia was possibly the largest gold mine ever found, with its geologist even suggesting that the deposit could turn out to be as large as million ounces.

But by , a mining consultant for Bre-X said it only found trace amounts of gold at Busang and that someone had tampered with the rock samples Bre-X used to claim its find. Visual Capitalist has a great timeline of the events here. Of course, regulations were put into place to improve the standards for reporting exploration activities in Canada, including the requirement that samples be delivered in sealed bags to the lab, according to the American Geological Institute.

He believes that this eventually contributed to increased demand for commodity exchange-traded funds such as the SPDR Gold Trust GLD, Myra P. Saefong, assistant global markets editor, has covered the commodities sector for MarketWatch for 20 years.

washoe mining gold

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Start with the biggest deposit of gold ever reported, in the headwaters of the Busang River in the steaming jungle of Borneo. The Canadian company Bre-X Minerals Ltd. But after Bre-X hired a high-living geologist to map the ore body, the deposit, along with the fever dreams that accompany gold, grew to monster size—by March that geologist was talking about a million-ounce resource.

Bre-X prepared for big times ahead by building a gold-plated website, where you could generate your own Bre-X stock chart to follow its meteoric rise. It also had a chart showing the equally meteoric rise of the estimated gold resource: together, those two pages could infect anyone with gold fever. Bigger mineral companies took notice. Some made takeover offers. So did the Indonesian government, in the person of president Suharto and his powerful family.

Bre-X owned more of this lode than seemed prudent for such a small, inexperienced foreign firm. Suharto suggested that Bre-X share its fortunate surplus with the people of Indonesia and with Barrick, a firm tied to Suharto’s ambitious daughter Siti Rukmana. Barrick’s advisors, among them George H. Bush and ex-prime minister of Canada Brian Mulroney, also favored this scheme.

Bre-X responded by enlisting Suharto’s son Sigit Hardjojudanto on its side. An impasse loomed.

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No, the real company, Bre-X Minerals Ltd. It was so small that Walsh initially ran it out of his basement. For legal reasons and to make the story more appealing, the movie relocates the company to Reno, Nevada and calls it Washoe Mining Inc. Calgary-based Bre-X Minerals Ltd. While fact-checking the Gold movie, we discovered that the filmmakers transplanted the story to the late s.

The Bre-X Minerals scandal actually happened in the mids. In , the small Canadian mining company Bre-X claimed a massive gold find deep in the jungle in the Busang area on the Indonesian island of Borneo. Former Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald journalist Suzanne Wilton, who in traveled to where the notorious gold mine had been located, called it „an incredible journey,“ saying, „It was five hours overland through forestry concessions in the middle of Borneo, and then another five hours by boat up this raging river to a place that didn’t exist on maps.

We could have fallen out of the canoe that we were riding in and nobody would have ever found us. Click to zoom in and explore. Not exactly. David Walsh the real-life Kenny Wells did not have a girlfriend named Kay like Matthew McConaughey’s character does in the movie. Instead, David Walsh had a wife, Jeannette, who had helped him start Bre-X out of the basement of their Calgary home in

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Having had the good fortune, by the kind invitation of old California friends, to visit on two previous days the principal mines and tunnels of the Comstock Lode; on emerging from the bowels of Mount Davidson, I felt irresistibly impelled to ascend to its summit, and thus contrast my subterranean exploration with the magnificent Panorama presented from an elevation of nearly feet.

From the isolated position of Mount Davidson, towering in solemn grandeur over the whole Washoe Range, the view is truly splendid; affording a perfect Panorama, one sufficiently interesting in its characteristics to compensate any admirer of nature for the slight effort of ascending a couple of thousand feet from the town of Virginia. Silver was discovered for the first time in the United States in near Virginia City, Nevada, under Mount Davidson.

According to Riley Moffat, the town’s population exploded from 2, in to 7, in and 10, in By , the silver rush was over and with it, the population of the city which dropped to 6, By , it again contracted to 2, These numbers don’t fully reflect the boom and bust economy that characterized mining towns across the west. According to the United States Geological Survey and noted in Wikipedia , „The total production of ore extracted and milled in the Comstock District, to June 30, , was 6,, tons, pounds.

During its heyday, the area around Virginia City was mapped repeatedly and for different purposes. A selection of maps are highlighted below showing the diversity of ways one specific place may be mapped for different purposes. The map below of the Washoe Mining Region printed in is one of the earliest maps of the region showing its relationship to California. The discovery of silver in this region was in June and by the time this map was printed one sees the area teeming with mining claims, discovered veins, and towns such as Virginia City, Gold Hill, and Chinatown.

Mount Davidson is not named but clearly delineated to the north of Carson and to the west of Gold Hill.

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Click here for the Principle Gold Producing Districts of the United States Index. Located in the northwest corner of Nevada, Washoe County does not have the basin-and-range topography so characteristic of most of Nevada. Instead, it contains a series of valleys – former lakes – separated by low divides. Many lakes still fill the valleys in the northern part of the county, and Pyramid and Winnemucca Lakes in the central part are the largest natural bodies of water in the State.

The Virginia Mountains extend northwestward across the central part of the county. South of Reno, the Sierra Nevada is the dominant feature of the western part of the county. The northern part of the county is underlain by lavas, tuffs, and lake beds that, for the most part, contain no economic mineral deposits, but several mining districts in the southern part of the county have produced considerable amounts of gold and silver Overton, , p.

Prominent among these are Olinghouse, Leadville, Wedekind and Pyramid. Considerable placer mining was done in the early days at Little Valley, Peavine, and Olinghouse, but there are no reliable production data on these operations Vanderburg, a, p. The prospectors who flooded into Comstock soon overflowed into adjacent southern Washoe County and discovered mineral deposits in the Jumbo, Galena, and Peavine districts.

Although small amounts of gold have been produced from most of the districts in the county, only the Olinghouse may be considered primarily a gold district; it alone has produced more than 10, ounces. The district was prospected first in , but very little work was done until , the period of greatest activity Hill, a, p.

In the mid’s there was a brief revival of activity; during the ’s and ’s there was only small-scale production by lessees Overton, , p. Total gold production through was about 36, ounces.

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14/10/ · One of the more interesting gold deposits in Nevada is found about 35 miles east of Reno in Washoe County. There are a few things about the Olinghouse district that make it unusual. First, it is the only significant mining district in Washoe County. And second, the mines here produce some very interesting crystalline psk-castrop.deted Reading Time: 3 mins. Below are some of the gold bearing areas near Reno, Nevada where you can still find gold today using a gold pan, metal detector, or drywasher. Little Valley District, Peavine and Galena Districts are a few placer mining districts within Washoe County. Most of their production records indicate minimal findings.

The information below has been compiled from a variety of sources. Eilley Bowers is one of the most researched, written and talked about women in Nevada history. The following is the result of years of in-depth research used to distinguish the difference between truth and fiction. Alison Eilley Oram was born on Septrmber 6, in the Royal Burgh of Forfar, Scotland, located in the eastern Scottish countryside.

At the young age of fifteen, she married nineteen-year- old Stephen Hunter of Fishcross, Clackmannan, Scotland. After six years of marriage, Stephen converted to the relatively new religion of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In January , the Hunters decided to move to America and the new Mormon city in the Great Salt Lake Valley. Brigham Young had built this city for his followers just two years earlier. The Hunters emigrated to America by ship from Liverpool, England to New Orleans, then by steamer to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where they joined a wagon train and walked the rest of the way to the Great Salt Lake City.

Soon after they arrived, the two were divorced for unknown reasons. Three years later in , Eilley married another Mormon, Alexander Cowan.

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