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Top 10 Global Commodity Trading Companies That Move. 11/08/ · Oil and Gas. As markets shift from the classic B2B structure to competitive, openly traded commodities, many commodity players experience a significant impact on their businesses. The resulting price transparency and product availability leads to bigger commercial competition in both placing and obtaining goods. Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O has created the conventional trading concept by building new safe and direct businesses bridges day after day between Central Europe. 29/04/ · Our oil & gas trading team has many years of experience working with government owned producers, leading oil traders and energy multinationals. This has given us critical insight into how to put together deals, assess risks and advise on trading issues and the financing, transport and supply of oil and gas. We advise on trading and operational.

Natural gas ended March with almost a 14 percent gain, but lost For traders, Mother Nature adds to the unpredictability and she can be a formidable foe, playing an important role in determining demand for natural gas, as around 50 percent of U. As such, natural gas traders should not only understand the nitty gritty of supply and demand, they have to keep a close eye on the weather forecast as well.

Demand is highest during the winter months December-February and after a lull, demand picks up again during the summer months July-August. During the rest of the year, demand is lower due to milder weather conditions. According to the weekly U. However, inventories are 68 percent higher compared to the same period last year, and 52 percent higher than the five-year average. Related: Shocking Photo: Nearly 30 Oil Tankers in Traffic Jam Off Iraqi Coast.

According to the EIA, natural gas consumption in was This increasing demand is buoyed by higher demand from the electric power sector, chemicals, and fertilizer sector.

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As markets shift from the classic B2B structure to competitive, openly traded commodities, many commodity players experience a significant impact on their businesses. The resulting price transparency and product availability leads to bigger commercial competition in both placing and obtaining goods. Commercial margins come under pressure and erode, and opportunities to arbitrage start to deteriorate but not vanish.

Such phenomena can be seen across all commodity markets—energy, oil, coal, metals and mining , and agriculture. Players need to understand how to leverage their competitive edge, such as by embracing the transition into traded markets, leveraging an asset and logistics portfolio, and adopting new technologies and approaches, like digital trading. Immediate and intuitive approaches to the challenges of commoditization include gaining a cost-based advantage and redifferentiating product offerings by modifying their characteristics and value proposition.

For a sustainable commercial approach, organizations need to systematically exploit market opportunities and volatility. Producers, for example, must augment their traditional marketing and supply model which extracts so-called intrinsic value from the difference between the market price of their products and the cost of production with the commercial arbitrageur model which also extracts the so-called extrinsic value that comes from price signal discrepancies and imperfections.

Even those who are already pursuing a commercial model—leveraging and managing the entire commercial value chain against trading markets as core value contributors—cannot stand still. The journey of the markets toward more commoditization continues—currently driven by increasing digitization of the entire commodity value chain and the sometimes staggering rise of liquidity, leading to hyperliquidity. The next wave of commoditization poses severe risks to players who successfully operate in trading markets.

There are three main drivers:. These trends are reducing trading-market opportunities and inefficiencies that commodity traders long have relied on. Dramatic change in energy and commodities markets must be matched by changes within the organization and of the operational platform.

oil and gas commodity trading

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This has given us critical insight into how to put together deals, assess risks and advise on trading issues and the financing, transport and supply of oil and gas. We advise on trading and operational disputes, covering matters of quality, quantity, contamination and shortage, and on letter of credit disputes and contracts for physical sale and purchase.

Our derivatives practice has grown out of our traditional strengths in the international trading market. Management of commodity price, freight, currency exchange and interest risks have become an everyday part of this sophisticated market. We also advise on a wide range of derivatives products. This instability continues to contribute to the high level of market speculation in relation to pricing and future availability.

Acting for a well known international energy company in arbitration proceedings against a Balkan sovereign and a state owned oil refinery arising out of a crude oil processing agreement. Representing reinsurers in the successful settlement of a USD 30 million claim arising from a breakdown of a mechanical shovel and consequential business interruption claim at a large diamond mine loss concerning coverage and quantum issues.

Advising a subsidiary of Eastern Petroleum Corporation on the acquisition of an oil field in Khanty-Mansiysk and the establishment of a JV company. Advising an international trading house on a JV to acquire and invest in petroleum distribution assets in southern Africa. Advising a West African trading company on an offshore oil exploration and production sharing agreement. Representing an Asian oil company in a USD 20 million UNCITRAL arbitration regarding the breach of a take or pay contract.

Successfully acting on a multi-billion dollar arbitration concerning the Republic of Yemen’s national wealth and in relation to a year old Production Sharing Agreement PSA regarding the Marib Block 18 oil field in the Yemen. Reported in The American Lawyer as the 2nd largest contract dispute and the largest ICC arbitration in their Arbitration Scorecard.

oil and gas commodity trading

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Every day we use our expertise and logistical network to distribute energy around the world, efficiently and responsibly. Responsibility defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers, our partners and our communities. We are a trusted partner, moving energy safely, securely and cost-effectively all over the world. Founded in Rotterdam in , today Vitol trades over seven million barrels of crude oil and products a day.

We work with partners to support and supply global energy flows, moving energy responsibly, safely and cost effectively around the world. We have a long history of building partnerships worldwide and working collaboratively to find optimal solutions. Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers, our partners and our communities.

Vitol has been trading oil and petroleum products for over 50 years. Our market leading position is built upon long-term relationships, on our expertise, market understanding, focus on solutions and reputation for reliability. Every year we charter circa 6, journeys, giving us a unique insight into shipping flows and trends.

Vitol is invested in refineries worldwide that have a total refining capacity of , barrels per day. We have access to storage in strategic locations all over the world, enabling us to optimise the flow of energy worldwide. Our downstream investments comprise circa 7, retail sites across five continents, as well as the provision of products to key sectors including mining and aviation.

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We firmly believe that companies with a strong culture and a higher purpose perform better in the long run. Wellbred is a private company incorporated in Singapore since From its inception, the group was active only in the shipping and chartering industry owning vessels through separate SPVs. At Wellbred we target to strengthen our position in historical markets and gaining market share in new geographic areas. Our ambition is to maintain a sustainable growth in terms of volumes and activity.

Wellbred is a commodity trading group based in Singapore with offices also in Dubai and Geneva. With an aim to maximize the value across the supply chain we deploy advantageous logistics and trading solutions including storage, blending and shipping. We are constantly striving to fulfill our responsibilities toward our valued customers all over the world. Our clients include National companies, Oil majors, trading companies and end users.

Wellbred traded approx.

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A commodity trader is one of the essential actors on the long process of getting commodities from the producer to the consumer. The typical trader based in Geneva buys a commodity from a producer and sells it to an importer or final user, moving the commodity from one location to another. The more the trader manages the logistics in purchasing further upstream and selling further downstream, the more he can obtain a competitive advantage.

For oil trading, the paper trading is estimated to be 10 to 15 times the size of the physical market. Of the close to 96 million barrels per day of crude oil consumed daily, we estimate that about 40 million barrels are traded internationally. To this volume, which corresponds to about 1. In the worldwide physical trading of sugar, the Geneva region also shares first place in Europe with London: each hub manages one-third of the global sugar trade, i.

Historically, coffee houses and independent coffee traders based themselves on the Swiss German side, in particular in Zug. From the million kilo sacks produced worldwide, 90 million bags traded internationally, of which at least half pass through Swiss-based companies, either industrial buyers or traders. For a number of years, traders have been moving to the Lake Geneva Region.

Several STSA Members, of which Sucafina and Louis-Dreyfus, are active in the trading of coffee. Four major players on the ethanol market industrial, edible, bio-fuels are based in Geneva or surroundings. A number of less tangible commodity-trading activities should be mentioned as they involve large volumes and large amounts, although we do not dispose of figures to quantify this trade. All of them are traded in Geneva.

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Our ethical approach ensures that Stellar Oil always considers the potential environmental and societal impact of our operations and works hard to ensure the optimum conditions for both people and the planet. Stellar Oil prides itself on its innovative approach and the commitment of every member of the team to combining new approaches with historical successes to ensure the highest rewards for our clients.

Stellar Oil was founded with a commitment to objectivity and integrity and a focus on the provision of an honest, ethical and high-quality service in order to maximise the potential of all business relationships. Forming an honest and mutually beneficial partnership is key to the Stellar Oil operation. We work hard to provide the best service levels and most benefits to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Our trade links and professional performance ensure that we can deliver in even the most competitive of marketplaces. We currently have suppliers that deliver product from USA, Canada and Russia. This ensures that we get good pricing and allocation — advantages we always pass on to our clients. Home About Us Products Traded Partners Contact.

Energy Trading Solutions. The finest quality of oil, gas and commodities. CORPORATE VALUES. OUR PRODUCTS. Our current fuel products include D2, D6, Jet Fuel, Aviation Kerosene ….

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Sentinel Commodities is an independent oil and commodity trading company dealing with most types of energy derivatives and a physical book – turning volatility into opportunity. Our legacy is in the entire oil and gas value chain where our team has over half-a-century . Oil and gas companies will generate receivables from the sale of oil or gas to theircustomers. These receivables are frequently payable on deferred payment termswhich are usually around 30 days, but can be up to 90 or more days, after psk-castrop.de seller’s right to be paid (usually called a ‘receivable’) is valuable and can be usedas a source of financing to bridge the gap between delivery by the seller and .

Learn more about our Online Oil and Gas Training Courses. It is very important to understand the futures market not only because of its impact on supply and trading operations, but also because of its impact on wholesale product prices. As shown by the blue arrow in the diagram, wholesale pricing for the US and other global markets is first driven by perceptions of future price from the futures markets, such as NYMEX and ICE.

Petroleum prices respond to changes in supply and demand, not to changes in the cost of manufacturing or distribution. The reason for this dominance, is that every day thousands of NYMEX and ICE market participants can trade contracts that equal multiple times the annual global refined product volumes actually sold. The easiest way to understand the key processes in supply and trading is to follow what happens in a typical morning supply meeting.

The key decisions made at the meeting which are summarized in the chart, and each step in the chart will be covered in this lesson. Even with all the electronic exchanges, most trading activity around the world occurs when the New York NYMEX floor is open — from a. Individual supply network participants first review the physical impact of decisions made the day before i. In the end, a determination is made on whether each supply point is long or short.

Next, the future direction of the market is debated at length.

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