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Barter Trades. Every trader in Tarkov (except for Fence) will offers barter trades where you can purchase items using other items instead of currency. The available trades are based on the Loyalty Level you’ve earned with that trader. Please note barter trade items will not have the Found In Raid indicator and cannot be sold on the Flea psk-castrop.deted Reading Time: 40 secs. A complete list of all Barter items and their barter trade options. 1 Building materials 2 Electronics 3 Energy elements 4 Flammable materials 5 Household materials 6 Medical supplies 7 Others 8 Tools 9 Valuables 10 See also List of Provision trades. 26/01/ · Barter Trades. The costs for each barter requirement are the lowest of: (1) the flea market price (which is the highest of the last low price or the 24h average); and (2) trader cash prices. The cash price is the lowest of: (1) the flea market price (which is the highest of the last low price or the 24h average); or (2) the lowest trader price. 27/10/ · Tarkov Barter Or Bust – EFT Barter Trades – Roler For PP – YouTube. In Todays video we start a new tarkov video series called barter or bust. We talk about barter trades in Author: Geekseh.

While there are too many items to memorize in Tarkov, this table will focus on a niche to gradually help you learn the useful barter items. This will not include the quest items you can barter for since it will show up in the Tarkov Wiki anyway. This guide will be aimed at the best barter items to keep in Escape from Tarkov when it comes to stash management, combat, crafting items, and making profits.

Barter items for finishing some quests like Gunsmith and other items can be easily seen through the Tarkov Wiki but the items on this table will be used consistently throughout the wipe. The other items that are not in bold are also important but for some of them, you will only need to purchase once or twice like the S I C C Case from Jaeger.

Overall, the things marked in bold are all useful every raid and it all depends on how frequently you lose them. When I play Tarkov, I usually use what I get and rarely look for things in the Flea Market. I usually just buy mods, attachments, and missing barter items. Because of this, I need multiple Scav Junkboxes to hoard everything when it gets cheap. I named one Scav Junkbox for crafts, barter, and non-found in raid items while the other one is named for selling.

It will help your stash management a lot by getting two and you will make up that money by stashing cheap barter items. Propane and Fuel Conditioners are often cheaper than buying the Metal Fuel Tank from Jaeger or the Flea Market.

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Last Updated on July 5, by Samuel Franklin. Levelling up traders in Escape From Tarkov is vital to your account progression and this article will guide you on fast and effective methods to utilise. With these tips and tactics players will be able to reach maximum trader level allowing access to their high level vendor inventory and barters. Like many mechanics though levelling traders fast and the mechanics of the process are not obvious at first and this vendor levelling guide intends to bridge that knowledge gap.

With much of Tarkov progression linked to the in game traders knowledge of how to quickly level them up can dramatically improve your account progression. Each trader has 3 attributes that need to reach specific thresholds before you will increase the trader loyalty level LL. Each trader currently ranges from LL1 to LL4 with each upgrading the available inventory that they offer to your PMC for purchase or barter.

If you find traders not levelling up then you have not met all of these requirements described above. Player PMC level and reputation are fairly self explanatory with Tarkov quests the best method to quickly gain experience and the necessary reputation. Making smart decisions with quests that offer multiple choices is also extremely important here and includes Chemical Part 4 and Supply Plans.

The thresholds required are included on the respective Tarkov trader wiki pages e.

eft barter trades

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Players can trade items with a variety of AI-controlled traders in Escape From Tarkov. Each trader specializes in the goods they will sell and purchase from the player, and they only accept a limited number of currencies in their transactions. That concludes our discussion. Trading with the AI dealers is fairly straightforward. The majority of AI dealers will barter with the player. Bartering can be a good way to get rid of unwanted or low-cost items in bulk in exchange for a valuable item.

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eft barter trades

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Escape from Tarkov Wikia Explore. Main Page Discuss All Pages Community. Escape from Tarkov. Dealers Fence Jaeger Mechanic Peacekeeper Prapor Ragman Skier Therapist Services. BEAR Bosses Cultist Scav USEC. Ammunition Barter items Barter item trades Building materials Electronics Energy elements Flammable materials Household materials Medical supplies others Tools Valuables. Electronic keys Mechanical keys. Functional mods Gear mods Vital parts.

Customs Factory Interchange Reserve Shoreline The Lab Woods. Raids Hideout Back. Items Raids Hideout Back. FANDOM Games Movies TV Video.

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I forgot my password. Barter Items. GGboost Level: 32 Average rating: 5. Red25 Level: 35 Average rating: 5. InCool Level: 4 Average rating: 5. Tetriz via Raid. Seller: rpgcash. Sell Graphics Card GPU. Seller: danuna Seller: InCool. Seller: GGboost. Seller: EFTTrader. Seller: RespoBoost.

eft barter trades

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I forgot my password. Barter Items. DOOMRage Level: 20 Average rating: 5. Seller: Hunter Seller: InCool. Seller: GeoFather. Seller: RespoBoost. Thicc weapon case [ Seller: Proton. THICC Items Case [ Lucky Scav Junkbox [ Holodilnick thermobag [

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Traders in Escape from Tarkov sell many items, however some are available to trade for other items in your stash. Below is a complete list of these trades. If you see a trade missing from the list below, please join our Discord or note it here. Standard 9x18PM round magazine for PP Izhmash 6L10 7. Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M 4×24 scope. Yarygin MP Grach 9×19 pistol.

Kalashnikov AKSU 5. AKM 7. Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM.

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Barter trades are also a great way of obtaining high-level gear early in the game – you can access some stuff via Barter option on loyalty level lower than the one required to purchase them from a trade window (for example, you can barter the SV from the loyalty level 2 Prapor, but you can’t normally buy it until you reach loyalty level 3 with him). Eft best barter trades Players are requiring conducting a powerful team to kill the opponent. This guide will explain in detail the latest guide of Escape from Tarkov Each bloodloss drains 40 HP per minute. Bandages. Comprehensive analysis of quests guide for Therapist No matter what the game is, the quest is a very important part.

Every trader in Tarkov except for Fence will offers barter trades where you can purchase items using other items instead of currency. Please note barter trade items will not have the Found In Raid indicator and cannot be sold on the Flea Market. The values represent the highest value the barter trade item can be sold to a trader. Use this information to identify opportunities to make money by comparing the price you can acquire the components needed against the amount you would sell the item to the trader for.

Check out the trader values on every item in the game using our Item Value Search Utility. And if you liked this article on The Value of Barter Trades In Escape From Tarkov, then check out our other articles with this LINK. Skip to content. Augmentin antibiotic pills x2 Vaseline x2 Surv12 field surgical kit x2 Pile of Meds x3. Golden neck chain x5 Roler submariner gold wrist watch x2 Gold skull ring x2. Portable defibrillator x12 LEDX Skin Transilluminator x12 Ibuprofen painkillers x Military COFDM wireless Signal Transmitter x2 Military base checkpoint key Chain with Prokill medallion x2 Phased array element x2.

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