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Use Authy, Google Authenticator sucks. 1Password all the way. If you have your old phone then use the Google Authenticator to get into binance then reset your 2FA and attach your new Google Authenticator from your new phone. Looks like they stopped, don’t know why. If you are looking to change either your Google or SMS Two-Factor Authenticator (2FA) to a new device, we will first need to disable your current 2FA Method. This guide is for users who are able to access their current 2FA Method. How to Disable Your 2FA Method. 1. Visit the Homepage. 2. Click [Begin Verification] to go through the process in the PC browser or click on [Use mobile phone] to get the QR code, then scan the QR code with our official Binance app on mobile devices. For Android. Can Google Authenticator be used on multiple devices? Yes, you can use Google authenticator on multiple devices. You can either register each as a separate authentication mechanism (depending on which service you’re using authenticator to access), or you can sync it so you get the same codes on either phone. The former is trivial.

Two-Step Verification 2 Step Authentication is easy to integrate with Binance by using the SAASPASS Authenticator works with google services like gmail and dropbox etc. Download the SAASPASS app and setup the SAASPASS Authenticator. You can find additional information on activating SAASPASS Authenticator into Binance on this page.

Just press the „OPEN IN APP“ button and SAASPASS will automatically fill out your username, password and Authenticator code. The SAASPASS app comes with a mobile password generator that you can customize. You can also use the desktop password generator which is also customizable. You can configure a random password by choosing the password length and whether it has:. When you press the „OPEN IN BROWSER“ button it automatically launches the site in your external mobile browser, and it will copy your authenticator code to the clipboard if you have it saved on your app.

All you have to do is paste your authenticator code when prompted. No need to type the web address url in the browser as well. SAASPASS Authenticator can be supported on multiple devices including tablets like the iPad. You can have all your Authenticators on two or more devices.

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I LITERALLY have been using my account for weeks now logging in and out with google authenticator and now it randomly got disconnected and isnt recognizing ANY of the codes I have been putting into the computer. This is ridiculous. I want a resolution to this. PLease support team, get back to me at thomas. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Good evening friend johnjack1 I make the placement of the validation code quickly and I continue giving the error of validation of the code, I have tried several times without any progress.

Are you using official Google authenticator app on your mobile? Make sure your time is correct on both the devices desktop and mobile. The issue is only with the time. Make sure your time is 1 or 2 seconds ahead. Clear your browser cache, and clear all the settings of this extension. First make sure you have backup secret key of 2fa which binance gave you. Add the backup key again then generate your code.

Hope it will work.

binance google authenticator new device

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How to Enable Google Authentication. This article will assist you through the Google Authentication 2FA security process. If you’re interested in learning how to disable your 2FA, click here. Click on your profile and click “ Security “ from the dropdown menu. Download Google Authenticator from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Make sure to save the digit key, which can be used to re-bind your account in case you no longer have access to your previous Google Authenticator. A QR code and digit key will be shown on the page. You will need to fill in your login password and the Google Authentication code. In addition, an SMS Authentication Code is required if SMS 2FA is enabled.

Enter your login password and the Google authentication code.

binance google authenticator new device

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Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange firm. The company is controlled by its CEO Changpeng Zhao, who had previously founded and headed Fusion Systems back in in Shanghai. Zhao’s company made high-frequency trading schemes for financial brokers, but in he saw the increasing profits seen by cryptocurrency traders and went to Blockchain. Binance was founded in China but the company soon after left China and went to Japan.

Binance moved out of its home country due to the impending ban on cryptocurrency by the Chinese government, which was implemented in September last year. Zhao’s company also established offices in Taiwan in Despite the accusations, Binance has announced its intent to open new offices across the globe starting with Malta, and later in Europe.

This move comes after Japan announced its plans for stricter regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges. Before everything else, you need to log in your profile on the Binance website and go to the account center, then click „enable“ in the Google Authentication section. From there follow these steps. Make sure the app is correctly installed on your smartphone or mobile device.

Also, check to see if the clocks on your computer the one you use to run the Binance website and your phone are synced. If they’re not synchronized them and go back to Binance’s website and re-enter your login, your password and the digit code you received earlier.

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Support Center. Google 2FA Guide. How to Enable Google 2FA. At the top-right menu, go to [Security]. Find the Google Authentication section and click [Enable]. You will be redirected to another page to start the process of enabling Google 2FA Authentication. Download and install the Google Authenticator App on your mobile device. You can find it in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. When you are done installing the App, click [Next].

Scan the QR Code using your mobile camera. If you are unable to scan it, you can manually enter the digit key provided. Make sure to save the digit key.

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Tap Setup, and then Scan a Barcode. I am trying to figure out how to switch from my old phone to the new one. Usually Authenticator failures are more the result of inaccurate time or time variations on your phone. I can verify my ID no issue. Tap export. Google Authenticator two-factor authentication or 2FA 6. You can come back to the withdrawal page and select the address from your list.

Step 1: First download the Google Authenticator application to your mobile or tablet and install it. Using Microsoft Recovery Options. Open Google Authenticator on the new phone and follow the prompts to scan the barcode. The Microsoft Authenticator app backs up your account credentials and related app settings, to the cloud. Aside from that, you’ll just need to retrieve your digit backup key that you copied in Step 2, then re-enter it manually in Google Authenticator as outlined in Step 3.

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03/07/ · In the “Authenticator app” section of the page, click “Change Phone.”. Advertisement. Choose the kind of phone you are migrating to and click “Next.”. You should now see the “Set up Authenticator” screen, complete with barcode. Open Google Authenticator on the new phone and follow the prompts to scan the psk-castrop.deted Reading Time: 6 mins. 19/12/ · Locate the 2FA section and click the “On” button in the Google Authentication area to begin your Binance Google authentication. Step 1 – Download the App. Whether you are trying to activate 2FA for your Binance account from your mobile phone or PC, you will need to download the Google Authenticator app. Once you click on the “On” button as described above, Binance automatically redirects you to a new tab where you will be prompted to “download and install the Google Authenticator Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

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