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04/08/ · In today’s video, I am going to take a look at whether bitcoin price will soar or crash in We will take a look at some recent bitcoin news stories including Kim Jung Un’s alleged death and Tone Vays answering what would happen if Jeff Bezos bought all the bitcoin. Join me These are [ ]. 26/04/ · Desas-desus kematian Presiden Korea Utara, Kim Jong Un dimanfaatkan oleh orang-orang jahil di jagat maya. Buktinya, beberapa menit lalu, ada akun Twitter “Kim Jong Un” meminta pembayaran menggunakan Bitcoin (BTC) dan Ether (ETH). Tentu saja . The tweet claimed that Kim Jong-un had transferred 65, Bitcoin from a Trezor wallet to Coinbase. Traders feared that the sale of such a vast amount of Bitcoin would cause the market to crash. A tweet, from a Coindesk staffer, about a huge stash of Bitcoin being transferred from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s wallet, caused uproar among crypto traders and media this weekend. 25/06/ · Is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un behind bitcoin’s wild price swings? That’s what some observers suggest. Some of the biggest news in the .

He reportedly owns 17 palaces dotted around North Korea, including one with its own m airstrip in Wonsan. The nuclear attack-proof palace is protected by multiple military units along with a high-voltage electric fence and even minefields. It even has its own train station underneath and has tunnels connecting it to some of his other properties. But when he wants to cut loose, Kim also boasts the same billionaire must-have that Richard Branson is known for — his own private party island.

NBA legend Dennis Rodman, who has an unlikely friendship with Kim, told The Sun about a hedonistic week-long bender on the island in This group of 2, or so women are medically certified as virgins and are paid to entertain Kim and other high-ranking officials, primarily through sex. And when it comes to Kim picking his own poison, he ships in thousands of bottles of whiskey from all over the world for his personal enjoyment every year.

Kim has been known to be a huge fan of basketball, with posters of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls adorning his bedroom walls as a schoolboy studying in Switzerland. Three members of the Harlem Globetrotters even travelled to North Korea to put on a bizarre exhibition game in , which is how he cemented his friendship with Dennis Rodman.

Many propaganda images show Kim trekking up snowy mountains on a white stallion, which he believes instil confidence in his regime. The resort, which features a year-old ski lift bought from Austria and supplied by China, has been accused being run using child labour from kids as young as Source link. Your email address will not be published.

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While the downfall of a dictator is likely to be seized upon with glee by some, North Korea owns a vast stash of cryptocurrency and could sell this crypto, thus igniting a waterfall event in the crypto markets. The speculations of his death or brain-dead state intensified after he failed to show up at the Sun ceremony which is a monumental day to commemorate North Korea founder Kim Il-sung.

Whether Kim Jong-un is unwell or healthy remains a mystery — one with many possible repercussions. You might be wondering how this is correlated with the crypto markets. For starters, North Korea has been facing numerous United Nations embargos since The fact that bitcoin can be sold easily unlike uranium or fish should not be ignored. However, there is a fat chance North Korea is not about to dump its cryptocurrency war chest unless it is in dire need of fiat currency.

Other commentators are saying Kim Jong-un is just selfishly hiding to avoid contracting the coronavirus which is causing carnage in North Korea. Meanwhile, most cryptocurrencies are trading in the green territory. No one knows how this Kim Jong-un death riddle will unfold in the coming days or weeks. Regardless, bulls are very optimistic about the halving that is expected in less than two weeks.

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kim jong un bitcoin

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While North Korea has yet to confirm the death of the supreme leader officially, this news has sparked speculation about what the Hermit Kingdom will do with the massive amount of Bitcoin. Previously, North Korea hacked cryptocurrency exchanges to circumvent Western sanctions and continue to fund its nuclear program. Last month, the US government indicted two Chinese hackers affiliated with Lazarus Group of North Korea.

The country made this clear when hosting a series of blockchain events, leading to the arrest and prosecution of Virgil Griffith, a prominent member of the Ethereum community that infamously traveled to one of these conferences to host a talk. According to an expert panel of experts, speaking to the U. This has been corroborated by cybersecurity companies that have discovered that some of the biggest hacks of the cryptocurrency industry in and are from North Korean hackers, especially one.

The group is called Lazarus. But, many in the cryptocurrency industry have made it clear that this is just baseless speculation that makes no sense. Economist Alex Krüger, a close watcher of the cryptocurrency space, made this clear when he wrote that because North Korea possesses a lot of uranium and fish, there will also be major sell-offs in those markets. Indeed, should Kim Jong Un actually pass or fail to function as a leader , his position will purportedly fall to his sister, Kim Yo Jong.

However, the cryptocurrency Twitter took the tweet with a giant grain of salt. Follow us on Telegram.

kim jong un bitcoin

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Apple aktie dividende

Winklevoss Capital Partner Sterling Witzke: Dollar Is Not Designed for the Internet, but Stablecoins Are. Facecoin To Replace U. He wants to. CME Group CEO Terry Duffy: No Bitcoin Deficit a Problem for Regulators bitcoin crypto blockchain btc cryptocurrency ethereum ripple eth money news trading currencies. CME Group CEO Terry Duffy: No Bitcoin Deficit a Problem for Regulators.

Twitch Ditches Bitcoin; Crypto Remains a Terrible Payment Method bitcoin crypto blockchain btc cryptocurrency ethereum ripple eth money news trading currencies. When Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the historic bitcoin whitepaper, the elusive creator called bitcoin a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. But ten years later, bitcoin is still a terrible way to pay for things. Streaming platform Twitch just. Twitch Ditches Bitcoin; Crypto Remains a Terrible Payment Method.

Streaming Service Twitch Removes Crypto Payment Options, Reddit User Reports bitcoin crypto blockchain btc cryptocurrency ethereum ripple eth money news trading currencies. Amazon-owned video streaming service Twitch has evidently removed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment options. Streaming Service Twitch Removes Crypto Payment Options, Reddit User Reports.

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Rumors of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have triggered a burst of speculation among Bitcoin BTC traders. The country has long been accused of being behind a number of sophisticated online heists in an effort to fund its military operations. Economist Alex Krüger says he highly doubts the death of Kim Jong-un is anything investors should worry about. Wherever the truth lies, the Kim dynasty is set to continue. Crypto headlines delivered daily to your inbox BTC, ETH, XRP news alert options.

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27/04/ · Kim Jong-un’s $2,,, Bitcoin (BTC), Crypto and Fiat Fortune Suddenly in the Spotlight. Rumors of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have triggered a burst of speculation among Bitcoin (BTC) traders. Kim Jong un (Kim Jong un) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $, total supply ,,,, number of holders 12 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data.

The regime first needs to gain access to cryptocurrencies, then it must pump up the prices of those assets to maximize its returns. Finally, it needs to dispose of its coins and receive the hard currency the Kim regime so desperately desires. North Korea is essentially bankrupt, so opening a Coinbase wallet was never going to be the right approach.

Instead, the country has taken advantage of its skill sets to steal bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from around the world. Earlier this week, SecureWorks announced that it had determined that the Lazarus group, which it assessed to be behind the late Sony cyber attack, was likely the party responsible for a spearfishing campaign targeting bitcoin traders with an email offering a CFO job for an unnamed bitcoin company.

Clicking on a link would install software that would allow a hacker to seize control of the device, presumably to steal wallet accounts. In addition, the South Korean bitcoin exchange Youbit has allegedly faced multiple waves of attacks from North Korean hackers. On Tuesday, the exchange collapsed and officially shut down. If that were the entire story, it would be interesting, but not devilish. Where North Korea gets even more interesting is how it pumps up the price of crypto assets by increasing uncertainty and distrustfulness through its nuclear weapons testing and traditional bank hacking.

Retail Asian investors are key to the dizzying gains made by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this year.

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